• Project Name: North Star - Concentrate Handling Facility - Concrete Installation Works
  • Client: FMG
  • Project Commencement Date: October 2014

North Star

Project Overview

  • The North Star Magnetite process plant is located 120km South of Port Hedland. The overall process plant will include two main areas. The first is the main ore processing plant (OPF) that includes crushing, screening, grinding, classification and magnetic separation.
  • The second part known as the concentrate handling facility (CHF) contains filtering and load-out facilities and is located approximately 40km away from the main processing plant local to the Great Northern Highway. An overland pipeline will transfer iron ore concentrate slurry from the OPF to the CHF.

Project Scope of Works 

Construction consists of:

  • Site services (raw water tank ring beam, fire water and raw water pump pedestals, compressed air system plinth, process water tank ring beam, process water pump pedestals and misc. stair pads, pipe and cable tray support footings)
  • Civil works for electrical and ancillary equipment (power station equipment footings, ground slabs and walls, switchroom footings, ancillary equipment pads, fuel farm, workshop an weighbridge)
  • Concentrate thickener and filters (concentrate thickener support structure footings and ground slab, slurry pump pedestals, flocculant plant support structure footings and ground slab, concentrate filters support structure footings and ground slab, concentrate filter ancillary equipment pedestals
  • Conveyor CV007 (trestle footings, take-up footings, CV007 tail end loading zone pedestals)
  • Earthworks (detailed excavation, stockpiling, backfill and compaction)