• Project Name: Nova Nickel - Concrete Works
  • Client: Sirius Gold Pty Ltd
  • Project Commencement Date: September 2015
  • Project Completion Date: April 2016
  • EPCM: GR Engineering Services Limited
  • Project Location: Fraser Range, WA

Nova Nickel

Key Facts

  • Number of staff at peak: 65
  • Volume of concrete: 6,500m³
  • Volume of earthwork: 7,000m³
  • Tonnes of REO: 400

Project Overview

  • The Nova Nickel Project is located in the Fraser Range in the southern part of Western Australia. It is approximately 700km east of Perth, 200km south-east of Kalgoorlie and 120km east of Norseman, in the Goldfields-Esperance Region of Western Australia.

Project Scope of Works 

Construction consists of:

  • Detailed earthworks, construction of raft foundations, ground slabs, pedestals, suspended slabs and other concrete structures
  • Haul, condition, place and compact select fill for backfill and in preparation to the underside of slabs etc.
  • Install all reinforcement bars and mesh, tie wire, spacers and supports, holding down bolts, free-issued embedded and cast-in items and all other permanent items of the works
  • Compaction, concrete finishing and curing