• Project Name: Yarnima Power Station - Concrete Works
  • Client: BHP Billiton
  • Project Commencement Date: August 2012
  • Project Completion Date: May 2013
  • EPCM: WorleyParsons
  • Project Location: Newman, WA

Yarnima Power Station

Key Facts

  • Number of staff at peak: 115
  • Volume of concrete: 6,200m³
  • Tonnes of REO: 900

Project Overview

  • Yarnima Power Station will involve installation of a gas turbine generator that will operate in open cycle for the first year. The power station will then be expanded to a combined cycle configuration. This will involve the installation of additional gas turbine generators, heat recovery steam generators, steam turbine generators, substation equipment and associated balance of plant.
  • The plant will be installed adjacent to the existing Newman power station located in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia. The Site is accessible by air, road and rail. Newman is located approximately 416km south east Port Hedland and is accessible by road from Perth and Port Hedland. The nearest domestic airports are at Newman and Port Hedland.

Project Scope of Works 

Construction consists of:

  • 3x Gas Turbine Generator (GTG) foundations, switchroom foundations, battery room foundations and transformer foundation plinths and bunding, Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) foundations including Bypass Stack and HRSG Stack foundations, HRSG switchroom foundations
  • 1x HRSG waste water collection pit, STG drains pit, black start generator switchroom foundations
  • 2x Steam Turbine Generator (STG) foundations including STG access platform foundations, cooling water tower foundations
  • 4x STG Transformer foundation plinths and bunding
  • Cooling water pump area foundations including access platform foundations
  • Piperack support foundations
  • Concrete pits and culverts including electrical conduit and mechanical services
  • Service trenches including electrical conduit