• Project Name: Business Accounting
  • Client: ALBEMARLE
  • Project Commencement Date: May 2019
  • Project Completion Date: August 2020
  • Project Location: Kemerton, WA

Kemerton Lithium Processing Plant

Project Overview

  • In view of the rapidly expanding battery market for electric cars and renewable power storage, Albemarle is planning to proceed with the Albemarle Kemerton Plant, a greenfield LiOH.H2O production plant at Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area
  • The Albemarle Kemerton Plant will process spodumene concentrate via pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical unit operations to produce lithium hydroxide monohydrate (LiOH.H2O) as a final product
  • The Site is approximately 160km south of Perth, WA, and 17km north-east of the existing port town of Bunbury.

Construction consists of

Details earthwork and Installation of all concrete for processing plant in the Pyroment area –Train 1, Train 2 and common structures.

Train 1 and Train 2 includes the following structures:

  • Calcining
  • Calcining Grinding
  • Acid Roast
  • Filtration an Tails
  • Spodumene Feed
  • Purification
  • Leaching

Common Structures includes:

  • Spodumene Recieval Storage
  • Acidified Storage
  • Tailings Storage

Key Facts

  • Manning: 100
  • Volume of earthwork: 46,000m³
  • Volume of concrete: 19,200m³
  • Tonnes of Reinforcing: 2,050 tonnes