• Project Name: Powder Leach Nickel Sulphate - Concrete & Detailed Earthworks
  • Client: BHP Billiton Nickel West
  • Project Commencement Date: January 2019
  • Project Completion Date: April 2019
  • Project Location: Kwinana, WA

Powder Leach Nickel Sulphate

Key Facts

  • Number of staff at peak: 40
  • Volume of concrete: 2,000m³
  • Volume of earthwork: 2,000m³
  • Tonnes of REO: 500

Project Overview

  • The Powder Leach Nickel Sulphate Project involves the development of a plant that will convert nickel metal powder into a nominal 100,000 dry tpa of high purity nickel sulphate-hexahydrate crystal product.
  • The Site is at the Kwinana Nickel Refinery (KNR) in Western Australia.

Project Scope of Works 

Construction consists of:

  • Detailed earthworks – excavate, trim and finish all earthworks by grading and compacting the ground around concrete structures, saw cut the road asphalt surface and remove kerbing falling, remove all waste materials etc
  • Concrete works – raft foundation / isolated footings, blinding, slabs on grade, pedestals, bund walls, drainage sumps, gratings, cast-in holding down bolts, cast-in grout tubes and cast-in conduits for the following areas:
    • Powder Leaching (WBS 3810)
    • Nickel Powder Transfer (WBS 3812)
    • Aeration and Filtration (WBS 3830)
    • Nickel Hydroxide (WBS 3840)
    • Crystalliser (WBS 3850)
    • Product Bagging and Storage (WBS 3860)
    • Utilities & Reagents (WBS 3870)
    • Piping and Electrical Services Rack (WBS 3880)
    • HV & LV sub-stations and transformer compounds (WBS 3885)