Our Code of Conduct

The DTMT Code of Conduct is an overarching set of principles that set the standard for our business conduct. DTMT-Code-of-Conduct-(2).jpgThe Code articulates the general principles that we expect every employee to uphold in every activity, wherever we operate. It sets behaviour we should expect from one-to-all and explains acceptable conduct in different situations, what we must avoid and how to raise any concerns.

The Code, the way we work

The DTMT Code of Conduct is the foundation to the way we conduct business and reinforces our Vision and Core Values. It sets clear expectations for everyone in the company to ensure we conduct business with integrity. We believe that we are not only required to be accountable for regulatory requirements but we also need to embrace a standard that will ensure long term benefits for the business, our people and the environments and communities where we work and live. Simply put, good governance is good business.

How the Code of Conduct is managed

The Code is managed by the Executive Management team. Concerns and breaches are reported to a direct manager or supervisor.

Using the Code of Conduct

DTMT expect the Code to be ingrained in our work activities each day.We encourage employees to be HEARD, if they have any concerns or think a colleague may be breaching the Code, they should speak up and raise the concern. In accordance with our Core Values an easy way to remember about speaking up is adding the ‘D’ for "Disclose" to the acronym of our Core Values of Honesty, Excellence, Agility and Respect "HEAR", in other words "Be HEARD"